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Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 9.24.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
9.24.19: Delivering on what you advertise and promise is a sign of your personal commitment. You may feel emboldened as the provocative Leo Moon highlights your 10th House of Career and Aspiration. But your certainty of your capabilities and positive assessment of your own maverick qualities could come across as arrogant today. Colleagues and customers might believe you can’t do what you say you can. Knowing who you are is confidence. All you need to do is allow your work to speak for itself.

deliver on ~を果たす、~について期待に沿う、~をうまくやり遂げる
名 : 〈米〉所有者を示す焼き印のない放牧牛
形 ; 〔人・考え・行動などが〕独立独行の、独自路線を行く、型破りの[な]
speak for 【句動】 (人)に賛成意見を述べる (人)をかばう[擁護する・弁護する]
speak for
1 自+代弁する
2 〔speak for itself [themselves]〕〈事が〉説明を要しない,自明のことである,雄弁に物語っている
3 〔speak for yourself;命令文で〕*1(意見の違う相手に対して)自分のことだけ言え,一緒にするな
4 自〔受身形で〕〈物などが〉予約[売約]済みである;〈人が〉すでに結婚[婚約]している,〈人に〉すでに恋人がいる