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Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 9.19.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
9.19.19: You are fully capable of being the driving force behind a laudable goal today. Perhaps a group of your friends looks to you for leadership now, even if that’s not your typical preference. It’s an exhilarating feeling to be the leader of the pack, but be wary of becoming a taskmaster in your pursuit of excellence. Instead, envision your role more as the quality-control facilitator than the executive-in-chief. Make suggestions rather than bark commands, wholly respecting that everyone is bringing their special skills and unique inspirations to a work in progress. Step out of the shadows and shine.

driving force 原動力、推進力、駆動力 〔重要な役割を果たす〕立役者
look to 【句動】 ~に目[注意・心・関心]を向ける、~の方を向く
wary of 《be ~》~を警戒する、~に注意する、~に慎重である
taskmaster 【名】工事監督、親方
chief executive チーフエグゼクティブ、最高(経営)責任者 最高行政官