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英語上達完全マップに沿ってコツコツと英語の勉強をしています。楽しいです。(TOEIC 930 / 英検1級 取得)

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.19.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.19.19: Get out of your head and swing into action. Make use of the cosmic energy to power through any mind-numbing chores. If you feel stuck in a rut today, a solution likely exists in your circle. Sharing a new concept in a casual conversation enables you to make a serendipitous connection with someone who holds your missing puzzle piece. You may be inspired to go on a major decluttering spree now or to outsource several lingering tasks to service providers. Just remember being busy and being productive are not the same things.

get out of one's head 考えることをやめる
swing into action 即座に行動に移る、動き始める
make use of ~を使用[利用・活用]する
mind-numbing 【形】〈主に英話〉〔仕事などが〕極めて退屈でつまらない
stuck in a rut 《be ~》〔行動・考え方・やり方などにおいて〕マンネリである
serendipitous 【形】予期せず[偶然に・運良く]見つけた[発見した・出会った]
missing piece of the puzzle 欠けているパズルのピース
decluttering 【名】〔部屋・机上などの〕片付け、整理整頓
spree 【名】 〔欲望などに〕ふけること 盛んな活動、ばか騒ぎ、酒盛り、浮かれ騒ぎ、やり放題

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.18.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.18.19: Acting in the spirit of collaboration demonstrates your true feelings today. Your concern with maintaining and sustaining the status quo is best handled by being of service. The enterprising Aries Moon shines her light in your 6th House of Habits, reminding you to refine those daily routines that keep your life running smoothly. Instead of concentrating on what’s in it for you, be creative in thinking of ways to positively impact the wellbeing of others. Be patient and passionate while using your wisdom to see events through to their conclusions. Make generosity part of your growth strategy.

of service to 《be ~》~の手助けになる、~に役立つ、~に有益[有用]である、~にものをいう
Aries 牡羊座,おひつじ座

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.17.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.17.19: Your tenacity can be so fierce that it works against you on occasion. The emotional Moon in esoteric Pisces may seem like a mirage in your 5th House of Joy. What should be lighthearted fun can become hazy hardship today, so look past appearances to the oasis. Dwell not on the shadows and release self-deception. Think back to a moment where you experienced perfect peace and bask in the feeling of the bliss of fulfillment. This serenity is not found on the outside but generated from deep inside you. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

on occasion 〈文〉時折、折に触れて
esoteric 【形】 秘伝的な 〔書物・文体・隠喩・研究など〕難解な 〔テーマなどが〕深遠な
mirage 【名】 《気象》蜃気楼◇【同】fata morgana 幻影、幻想
lighthearted 【形】 〔人が〕屈託のない、快活な、のんきな 〔物事が〕楽しい、愉快な
hazy 【形】 かすみがかった、かすんだ、もやのかかった 〔考え・記憶などが〕ぼんやりした
self-deception 【名】自己欺瞞、自分をだますこと

Dim the lights. | | プロ翻訳者の単語帳


Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.16.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.16.19: Create what you desire for no reason at all. Reassess your past initiatives and their outcomes. Don’t focus on small goals that are easily obtainable because playing it safe only generates marginal results. Stagnation begets boredom and resignation. To maintain the flow, allow yourself to exemplify your magnificence. A bigger vision empowers you to be unstoppable. Speak truth to what you can birth out in the world and release your limitations. Be radically honest and think outside the box. Life is a game to be played full out.

initiative 【名】 自発力[性]、独創力

beget 【他動】 〈古〉〔父親が子を〕もうける 〈文〉〔結果的に~を〕生じさせる、引き起こす
resignation 【名】 〔仕事の〕辞職、退職、退陣
exemplify 【他動】 ~の良い[典型的な]例となる
magnificence 【名】壮麗、壮大、雄大、素晴らしさ、荘厳な雰囲気
hink outside the box 自由な発想で考える
play full out 全力でやる[行う・プレーする]

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.15.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.15.19: Your capability for attunement is a symbol of strength. No person is an island, and the Aquarius Full Moon’s presence in your 4th House of Security calls for interdependent competence. There is power in asking for help, so don’t let your role as an eternal caretaker devolve into martyrdom. Nourish your soul by reaching out to relatives or chosen family. Let down your guard and express what’s in your heart. Your self-responsibility need not prevent you from allowing others to contribute. Whatever you believe is what you make true; there is little that love cannot do.

アクアリウス. 星座のみずがめ座占星術宝瓶宮ラテン語名の英語読み。 古代ローマ都市の街頭に設けられた公共水道のこと
call for 【句動】 声を上げて~を求める、~を求めて呼ぶ
interdependent 【形】相互依存の、互いに依存する、持ちつ持たれつの関係の
competence 【名】 能力、力量、適性、権限 ちょっとした資産 言語能力
devolve 【他動】〔義務・財産・権利を〕譲渡する、委譲する 、【自動】悪くなる

martyrdom 名 殉教、マータダム◆信仰、信条に従って死ぬこと。苦難◆【同】calvary
let down one's guard 警戒[ガード]を弱める、すきを見せる

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.14.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.14.19: The heart of your home is the source of your sustenance. In fact, your outer surroundings speak volumes about your inner landscape. Your upbringing informs how you experience safety, but perhaps it’s time for a change. Reflect on your memories and dreams, and see if the past is a true match to who you are today. Feng Shui your domain and make rearrangements to allow for flow. Reconsider what you need to feel secure. Releasing physical and energetic clutter nurtures your body and soul. A solid foundation provides emotional freedom.

Feng shui 風水説、風水、風水、風水説、風水

Scorpio Daily Horoscope by Tarot.com Astrologers 8.13.19

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
by Tarot.com Astrologers
8.13.19: Create a future that is free from the past. A fresh spark of communicative energy jumpstarts your enthusiasm, allowing you to make considerable impact on the people around you. Embrace your quick wit and lively mind; your current ability to be considerably versatile is impressive. Make generous assumptions and think highly of those with whom you interact today. There’s nothing for which you must be vengeful; defense is always a cloak for attack. Attune to the universal mind and remember your true essence. There is spiritual vision and physical sight; the latter dissolves as the former sees light.

jump-start 他動
quick wit 回転の速い頭
lively mind 快活な精神
think highly of ~を高く評価する、~を尊敬[尊重]する、~に敬服する
vengeful 形  復讐(心)に燃えた
attune 他動 同調[調和・適合]させる 〔楽器を〕調音[調律]する
see the light  光明を見いだす、事の真理を知る、やっと分かる、目からうろこが落ちる、事情を飲み込む、納得する、理解する